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Why Choose Nepal Remit Australia?

The Top 4 Reasons

Below are the top 4 reasons for why you should choose Nepal Remit Australia over any other platform for transferring money from Australia to Nepal at any point of time.

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Simple and easy

There is no need to see an agent. It is simple to install, use, and send money in seconds.

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People trust us

Our secure platform led us to the most trusted money transfer app.

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Low charges.

We offer Lower fees, no hidden charges and the best exchange rates as compared to others.

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Payments are made more quickly.

We guarantee a speedy and timely delivery platform.

Why Join Nepal Remit Australia?

Send money in seconds from anywhere.

Nepal Remit Australia provides you with very simple and quick money transfer services. Our services ensure full transparency so that you can take full control over your transactions while our verification processes make sure that the money is safe and secure and reaches the right person.

  • Money transfer transactions are approved in seconds.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery transfers
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How it works?

With our innovative Nepal Remit Australia platform, now you can transfer money from Australia to Nepal from anywhere and anytime.

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Enter your email address and phone number and sign up for free.

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Enter an Amount

Enter the amount to be sent as well as the recipient's information. Check the transaction fees and the estimated time it will take for transferring your money.

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You Are All Set To Go

Transfer funds from your bank account. Simply transfer funds and monitor your transfer status anytime.

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Send, Receive and Track your transfers on the go with the Nepal Remit Australia mobile app.

Country Coverage for International Payments

Make Local currency payments to over 35 countries worldwide.

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Download our app and save money when sending money to Nepal.